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Should I leave the man I lost my virginity to?

I am 22-years-old and in a relationship with a boy, who is the son of my aunt’s sister. Since, my aunt doesn’t behave well with my parents, our family doesn’t share a good relationship with her sister as well. Also, my boyfriend’s family is very arrogant and behaves in an uneducated way, always – they love to pick up fights and create scenes.

But, this boy loves me unconditionally and can do anything for me. In fact, he’s got a tattoo in my name engraved on his hand.

We are very close to each other and also share a very sexual and intimate relationship with each other. As a matter of fact, we lost our virginity to each other 3 years ago.

But my boyfriend is still struggling to make a career for himself, the only plus point being that he treats me like a princess. I fear he might attempt suicide if I leave him.

My parents are against his family and our marriage and have chosen a boy for me, who is a businessman and is well settled. He belongs to a very humble and decent family which we are well acquainted with. Now, I am confused whether I should choose my parents’ choice or mine.

If I look at the financial stability and my future, then I would go ahead with my parents’ choice, but I am attached to my boyfriend. If I decide to marry this second guy, who my parents have chosen for me, will he ever come to know that I am not virgin?

Also, will it be ethical to leave my boyfriend of four years? Should I become selfish and go ahead with this new guy or should I stay with this old guy and risk my future in terms of financial security and hurt my parents also? Please help me in reaching a solution to this problem. – By Anonymous

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